Athletics & Clubs

Our Clubs and Societies are open to all scholars within our community. Scholars can become regular members
of the various opportunities by attending weekly. They may also choose to attend periodically. We encourage all
members of our learning community to try new experiences to broaden their interests and passions. Opportunities
like these empower scholars to make new friendships, continue to foster current friends and deepen their
understanding of themselves within our ever-changing society.

Below are the days of the weeks and times that each opportunity will occur. Our late bus is open to all eligible
bus riders on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


  • 7:35AM/ 2:30PM Genius Squad (Advisor: Mr. John Sladewski) This opportunity is open to anyone interested                                  in computers and being a leader in our community. Interested members schedule and provide Chrome carts                                      to classrooms. Assessing usage and also overseeing the television within the lobby. Hands on opportunities                                      and working with technology are the main focus of this opportunity. Meetings occur at various points throughout                                  the year. Scheduling and assigning chrome carts and technology occurs in the morning and afternoon.
  • 2:30PM Jazz Band (Advisor: Mr. David Stanton) This is open to all scholars that are interested in music.                                Scholars must bring their own instruments. Most individuals that participate within this ensemble are also                                            members of our Concert Band. This opportunity meets weekly.
  • 2:30PM Green Team (Advisor: Mrs. Nelly Nunes) This opportunity is open to anyone that is interested in                                              environmental awareness and our recycling initiative. This opportunity meets weekly.
  • 2:30PM Intramural Activities (Advisors: Mr. Derek Galvam and Mrs. Nelly Nunes) Form a team and participate                                  with other grade level peers in these two opportunities. Competitions occur Monday-Wednesdays each week.                                    Fall/ Winter will be Floor Hockey and Spring will be volleyball. Sportsmanship and Leadership are paramount                                      within this opportunity.

Tuesdays (Late Bus available):

  • 2:30PM Student Council (Advisor: Mrs. Nelly Nunes) The student council is a student government and                                  community service group.  They are primarily responsible for student activities that are intended to                                            make school more fun and help maintain a positive atmosphere. They also plan and participate in                                            community service projects.  Student council members help share students' ideas, interests, and concerns                              with faculty and staff.                                                                                                                                                    Semester I meetings are as follows:October 1, 16, 30; November 6, 20; December 4, 18.                                                                    This council will typically meet the first and third Tuesday of every month.
  • 2:30PM Sole Sisters (Advisor: Mrs. Jen Pease) This opportunity is open to any scholar that is interested in                                          running, walking and overall health/ wellness. This team meets once a week and is open to any individual                                          within our community. Typically runners and walkers will utilize our school campus and local areas adjacent                                        to the school community. This begins in the spring of 2019.
  • 2:30PM National Junior Honor Society (Advisor: Mrs. Lisa Cadima) This is based on eligibility requirements                                      of a cumulative scholastic average of at least 93%. Selection for membership is based on outstanding                                                scholarship, citizenship, character, leadership, and service. Members must complete 4 hours of school service                                  and 8 hours of community service.
  • 2:30PM Coding Club (Advisor: Joanne Reuther) EMHS Coding Club is a great way to learn about programming                            with your friends. Experiment with game design, animation, app making, music/video making and more.                                    The club's goal is to educate middle school students in Computer Science, regardless of grade level or prior                            experience. This club is open to all students. Just show up with an interest and you will have a blast.
  • 2:30PM Yearbook (Advisor: Mr. John Sladewski) Our members will help choose the yearbook cover, and with the                                help of the advisor design the page layouts within the book. Members will help to check and prepare all spreads                                for submission to Lifetouch before final publication. Active involvement in creating a yearbook sales campaign                                    and the promotion of yearbook sales within the learning community will be essential. Student photographers                                      will capture school events and everyday happenings at EHMS. After the first meeting an agreed upon time                                          and dates will be established.

Wednesdays (Late Bus available):

  • 2:30PM EHMS Drama Company (Advisors: Mrs. Monica Landis and Mr. Corey Furtado) The Elizabeth Hastings                                  Drama Company encourages all students to participate, regardless of their theatrical experience.  Students are                                  assigned roles based on auditions.  Practices begin in October and our Spring production is in April.  Students                                    must be passing all academic and exploratory classes to continue to participate in the Drama Co.  We have lots                                of laughs, build some great memories, and foster new friendships!  Don't like to be on stage?  Perfect!  We've                                    got a spot for you backstage, stage design, or making props! 
  • 2:30PM Art Club (Advisor: Mr. Tim Lee) This opportunity to roll up your sleeves and dive into an interactive project.                            Interests and artistic talents are made within this club. Any scholar can attend and come ready to meet new                                        people and create some amazing pieces.
  • 2:30PM Totally Board (Advisor: Mrs. Tove Bendiksen) Anyone interested in board games, card games, chess and                              other gaming would benefit from this exciting opportunity. This club will meet the first and third weeks of each                                    month.  The first meeting is October 10.
  • 2:30PM Band of Brothers (Advisor: Mr. Ned Hamilton) Any scholar can be a part of this running/ walking club.                                    This interactive team allows scholars to set goals and interact with elementary students. Interested members will                                take the bus to the Leroy Wood School for weekly meetings. This opportunity will begin in the Spring.
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